Version No. 2 dated April 08, 2019

1. General provisions

1.1. A Privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is published by Eco-Vector LLC, OGRN 1099847039907, INN/KPP 7806423692/784101001, address: Aptekarskiy per, d. 3, lit. A, k, office 1H, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) in order to inform subjects of personal data (hereinafter referred to as Users), about the Operator’s policy regarding personal data.

1.2. The Policy has been developed and published by the Operator in accordance with paragraph 2 of Part 1 of Article 18.1 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data dated July 27, 2006 (hereinafter referred to as the Federal Law On Personal Data).

1.3. The Policy has been developed to implement legal requirements for processing and protecting PD and to protect rights and freedoms of persons and citizens in processing their PD, including rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.

1.4. The Policy contains information subject to disclosure in accordance with Part 1 of Article 14 of the Federal Law On Personal Data and represents a public document which is located at:

1.5. To keep up-to-date status of documents defining the Operator's PD processing, the Operator has right to change this Policy at any time by publishing the appropriate changes. This Policy may be changed only by posting the version amended on the Site.

2. Terms and Definitions

2.1. Personal data (PD) refer to any information which is directly or indirectly related to a specific or identifiable individual (a PD subject).

2.2. Processing of PD refers to any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed with or without automation tools including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction of PD.

2.3. An Operator of PD refers to an individual or organization who organizes and/or processes PD as well as determine purposes of PD processing, contents of PD to be processed, and actions (operations) related to PD, independently or in cooperation with other entities.

2.4. Confidentiality of PD refers to obligation of the Operator and other persons who have received access to PD not to disclose PD to third parties and not to distribute PD without consent of a PD subject, unless otherwise provided by federal laws.

2.5. A Site refers to a set of computer programs and other information contained in the information system accessed via the Internet and located at: The Site may contain links to other web resources. The Operator is not responsible for confidentiality of information posted by Users on such resources.

3. User Rights

3.1. A User has right:

4. Reasons for processing personal data

4.1 The Operator shall process PD on a legal and fair basis to perform legal functions, powers, and duties as well as to exercise rights and legal interests of the Operator and Users.

4.2 The Operator receives PD directly from Users and processes these PD only with consent of the User. The Operator receives the User's PD when the User is interacting with certain functions of the Site.

5. Processing of personal data of users

5.1. This Policy establishes obligations of the Operator for non-disclosure and protecting confidentiality of PD provided by the User when using the Site.

5.2. The Operator processes PD of Users to comply with laws of the Russian Federation, as well as for the following purposes:

5.3. The Operator processes PD of Users in accordance with Users’ consent obtained by putting a special mark (“tick”) in the field under the Personal Data Collection Form on the Site.

5.4. Categories of PD collected by the Operator to achieve purposes specified in clause 5.2. Policies:

5.5. The Operator does not process any special categories of Users’ PD.

5.6. The Operator does not process biometric categories of Users' PD.

5.7. This Policy applies only to information processed as part of using the Website. The Operator does not control and is not responsible for any information processing by third-party websites and services which can be accessed by Users via links available at the Website.

5.8. The Operator does not verify the accuracy of PD provided by the User and is not able to assess its legal capacity. However, the Operator assumes that the User provides reliable and sufficient PD and keeps them up to date.

6. Processing of users’ personal data using cookies

6.1. Cookies transmitted to Users' devices can be used to provide Users with personalized functions of the Website, to show personalized advertising for Users, to achieve statistical and research purposes, and to improve the Website.

6.2. Users are aware that equipment and software they use to visit websites may have function of prohibiting cookie operations (for any or certain sites), as well as deleting previously received cookies.

6.3. The Operator has right to make certain functions of the Website available to Users only if they have permitted acceptance and receipt of cookies.

6.4. The structure of a cookie file, its contents and technical parameters are determined by the Operator and may change without prior notice to Users.

6.5. Website or application counters can be used to analyze Users' cookies, collect, and process statistical information about the use of the Website, as well as to ensure general Website operation or some functions. Technical parameters of counters are determined by the Operator and may be changed without prior notice to Users.

7. Terms and conditions for processing personal data of users

7.1. Processing PD of Users is limited by the period necessary for achieving purposes of PD processing.

7.2. The Operator processes PD of Users in an automated computerized way.

7.3. PD processing activities include collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction of PD.

7.4. Confidentiality of Users’ PD is maintained, except cases where Users voluntarily provide information about themselves for unlimited public access.

7.5. The Operator has right to transfer Users’ PD to third parties as follows:

7.6. When processing PD of Users, the Operator is guided by:

8. Mandatory data storage

8.1. According to this Policy, Users may have limited rights, as defined in current laws. Such restrictions may include obligation of the Operator to keep information changed or deleted by Users, for the period established by law, and/or transfer such information to state body, as defined by law.

9. Information about protecting personal data security

9.1. The operator assigns a person responsible for organizing the processing of personal data to fulfill obligations defined by the Federal Law On Personal Data and related regulations.

9.2. The operator applies a set of legal, organizational, and technical measures to ensure PD security and confidentiality and protect PD from illegal actions:

10. Information about the Operator

10.1. The database with PD of Users who are citizens of the Russian Federation, is in the Russian Federation.

10.2. To exercise their rights and legal interests, Users have right to contact the Operator by sending a request personally or with the help of a representative at the address specified in clause 1.1. of the Policy or to the email specified on the Website. The request must contain the information specified in Part 3 of Article 14 of the Federal Law On Personal Data.

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